Telephony features

Comprehensive telephony features to meet the demands of your business

Caller ID display

Give users the ability to see the caller ID on the phone display.

Call transfer

Transfer the call to the appropriate party, attended or unattended transfer.

Call/Group Pick up

Pick up group call or individual call is never so easy.

Call Park/Retrieve

Park your call and retrieve it from another station.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Secretary’s favorite feature – allow them to manage the calls of their boss or colleague.

Speed dials

Program your most commonly called number in personal or global speed dial list.

Call Hold / Resume

Put the caller on hold. Let them listen to your favorite music-on-hold.

Call Forwarding

Going offsite and need the call to be forwarded to your mobile phone?  No problem, just activate the call forwarding function from the IP phone, softphone, mobile app or self-service portal.

Call Waiting

Allow the user to answer incoming calls when in conversation.

Directory Search

Cannot remember the extension of your colleague? No worries, just search their name via the directory service and click to call the party.

Call detail records

Capture the call history and billing details

Call screening

Screen caller number before accepting calls.  Block nuisance calls if necessary.


Upload your own music or customized recording. Play your favorite music or adv to the caller when the call is put on hold.


Never miss an important call with voicemail service.


Do not want to be disturbed? Press the DND softkey and all calls will be routed to voicemail. Let you focus on your work !!

End-user Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal for end-user to manage the settings of their extension; offload administration


Increase productivity with our mobility features

Single Number Reach

Give users with the ability to be reached via a single enterprise phone number that rings on both their IP desk phone, Personal Computer, and their mobile, simultaneously


The Follow-me service provides the user with the option to forward their calls any of several phone numbers.

Unified Messaging

Allow users to manage their voicemail from phone, softphone or their mailbox.

Voice Conferencing

Users get to enjoy three-party conferencing or create dial-in conference bridge to support multi-party conferencing.

Contact Center features

Delivery superior customer service and improve customer’s satisfaction

Hunt Group

Route call to a group of personnel (Ring-all, Round Robin)

Call Queueing

Put the call in a queue when all agents are busy

Call Distribution

Route the call to the best agent to handle the call

Call Classification

IVR – Interactive Voice Response to classify calls and route them accordingly

Auto Attendant

Press 1 for sales, 2 for support.  Let the system classify your calls and free up your staffs

Call Recordings

Record the conversation for quality management


Don’t remember the extension of the person you are looking for?  No worries, let our dial-by-name search and call the staff for you.